Best Kansas Dog Breeder: Elite Bulldog

Best Kansas Dog Breeder: Elite Bulldog

The Elite Bulldogs

We Bulldogs! Our English Bulldogs are AKC-registered and absolutely adorable. If you're ready to bring an English Bulldog-sized bundle of joy into your life, look no further than the Elite Bulldog Kennel in Fort Scott, Kan.

The Elite Breeds

(The Rest of the Family)

English Bulldogs are just the beginning! French Bulldogs, Poodles (both Standard & Mini), Labrador Retrievers, and many other breeds await you here at the Elite Bulldog Kennel. Meet the rest of our family!

What Is The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen A Dog Do?

What is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen a dog do? originally appeared on Quora- the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Dhirgham Murran on Quora:

Bobby, my golden retriever. He saved me.

He is truly the smartest and very affectionate to everyone.

I usually take him to a huge natural park. He memorized all the trails in the park. There was high grass and tense trees and many slopes and wooden bridges. I park my car at the edge of the park and

5 Dad Halloween Dog Jokes That Will Have Your Children Howling!

There isn’t a more perfect time for Dad jokes and puns than Halloween.

While my children disagree with that statement, I will press on and give Dads five hilarious jokes to lighten the mood this 2020 Halloween!


#1: A Dog and His Bone

Q: What did the skeleton say to his dog?


#2: Self-Reflection

Q: What do you call a large dog that meditates?


#3: Monster Mash

Q: Why can’t dogs go to halloween parties?

A: They can’t hold their licker!

#4: Drained

Q: What type of dog does Dracula have?

A: A Blood Hound!

#5: Bad Time

Q: What

What’s the naughtiest thing your dog did that you secretly liked?

Answer by Alexis Erickson, Published Author, on Quora:

“Here’s what my dog looks like:

He’s the goofiest, happiest, snuggliest baby ever. But, I guess he looks mean and scary to some.

I answered the door to a very pushy door-to-door salesman. I don’t remember what he was selling but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. When I tried to shut the door, he quickly blocked it with his foot and kept talking. I was starting to feel nervous because I was the only person at home.

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