How Well Do You Know Your Poodle? 11 Amazing Facts About Poodles

11 Amazing Facts About Poodles

Poodles! These dogs are adored in the dog community and by everyone here at Elite Bulldog. Their athleticism, intelligence, and iconic coat make them stand out from the crowd. These wonderful dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are the perfect addition to any family. If you are a poodle owner or a potential owner, you should know these 11 facts about your favorite furry friend!

#1. Poodles Are Great Swimmers

Like the German translation of their name, poodles are excellent water dogs. The Poodle’s athletic build and webbed feet give them impressive swimming abilities. Plus, their coats are water resistant! These traits made the Poodle a reliable water retriever in France.

#2. One Dog, Many Names

Poodles are known by many names: Pudle (Old English), Pudelhund (German), Caniche, and Barbone. Their German name Pudelhund translates to puddle hound or water dog.

#3 They’re France’s National Breed

When you hear “poodle” you likely picture a fluffy dog strolling the streets of Paris accompanying someone wearing stripes and a beret. Thats because this breed was standardized in France. They were even declared France’s national dog breed because they were so well loved.

#4 They Originated in Germany

Contrary to popular belief, Poodles are not from France. They actually originated in Germany where they were bred as water dogs and hunters.

#5 They’re Tougher Than They Look

Poodles are more than meets eye. The dog behind the iconic white fluff is quite tough! Poodles have been used in the military since the 17th century and were a part of the WWII U.S. war effort. The U.S. Dogs for Defense program trained poodles, as well as other breeds, for the Army, Navy, and Coast Guard.

#6 They’re Excellent Mushroom Hunters

In England, Spain, France and Germany, truffle mushrooms were considered a delicacy, and Poodles were the ideal dog to sniff them out. Their soft mouths and small paws were gentle enough not to damage the mushrooms. Owners would begin training Poodle puppies and their excellent noses to hunt mushrooms as early as 4 months old!

#7 They’re Hypoallergenic

The Poodle’s single layer coat of thick curly fur is hypoallergenic. They shed minimally because their fur never stops growing and tangles instead of falling out. While they are great for your allergies, over 20% of poodles have allergies.

#8 They’re Intelligent

Poodles have both beauty and brains! They are extremely intelligent and are the second smartest breed, next to the border collie.

#9 They Need Their Beauty Sleep

Adult poodles sleep up to 13 hours a day! It is no wonder why they are such great show dogs with all the beauty sleep they get.

#10 They’re Man’s Best Friend

Poodles attach and become so close with their owners that they experience separation anxiety when left alone for too long. Be sure to give your poodle lots of love and attention after being gone all day.

#11 They’re An Artist’s Muse

The Poodle’s popularity through the ages have made them an inspiration. This beloved breed inspired countless artists and were featured in many works of art going back thousands of years! Egyptian and Roman artifacts show poodles in the first centuries B.C. In the 15th century, Albrecht Durer frequently drew them in his pieces. Fransisco Goya did the same in 18th century Spain.

This amazing breed continually impresses us with its history, abilities and personality. Do you feel like a poodle expert now? We are always having new litters here at Elite Bulldog so contact us and keep and eye out for your next poodle companion!