The Importance of a Health Guarantee for Your Puppy

Puppy Health Guarantee

After owning and operating my own pet store for many years, it was disheartening to discover how difficult it was to find healthy, well-adjusted puppies to sell to families. Unfortunately, too many breeders are unconcerned with the health of their dogs. For the sake of breeding “cute” or “purebred” dogs, some unethical breeders will mismatch dams and sires, whose inherent genetic and behavioral traits are completely incompatible or create more pronounced issues, resulting in unhealthy puppies who are at risk for either behavior or health issues later in life. There is nothing more heartbreaking for me than to hear of a beloved family pet dying at a young age because of a genetic illness. This is why a health guarantee is so important for your puppy.

What is a Health Guarantee?

Quite simply, a health guarantee is a commitment from me, your breeder, that the puppy I’m selling you is free from genetic defect. It ensures that I use the utmost quality and care when selecting my dams and sires, making sure that they are compatible mates who will breed healthy puppies. They are happy and healthy, and in turn will produce happy, healthy puppies who will be with you for many years.

But sometimes hereditary conditions are inevitable with certain breeds. German shepherds, for example, are prone to hip dysplasia, and bulldogs have a predisposition to developing Brachycephalic Upper Airway Syndrome.This is where the Health Guarantee protects you, the owner. Should your puppy develop a genetically-induced condition and pass away from it, the Health Guarantee mandates that your breeder replace your dog with another.

The Elite Bulldog 3-Year Health Guarantee

The breeders who offer Health Guarantees (if at all) will normally only place a one or two year guarantee on their puppies. The Elite Bulldog Kennel, however, offers a 3-Year Health Guarantee to best protect you and your puppy’s interests. In short, we will replace your dog within three years of the dog's date of birth should your dog die from proven hereditary or congenital issues. We are one of the few kennels out there that not only publicizes our Health Guarantee, but we guarantee it for three years because we want to make sure your dog is healthy and free from hereditary issues.

Elite Bulldog is also committed to raising puppies in a positive environment. We don’t allow our puppies to leave their mothers until they are at least eight weeks old so they can learn proper behaviors, become mature enough to leave their mother’s side without issue, and develop into independent yet loving and affectionate pets. All these things make a difference in the long-term health of your puppy and will ensure a life of bliss for years to come.