6 Hot Tips For Keeping Your Bulldog Cool This Summer!

Summer is just around the corner!

While for us "hoomans" summer means sunshine, cookouts, and swimming.

But for our Bulldog counterparts, it is important to remember that Bulldogs and heat do not jive well together.

It is recommended to keep your Bulldog inside in temperatures in excess of 85 degrees.

Use these five tips to help prevent your Bulldog from overheating this summer:

1. Limit your bulldogs time outdoors during rises in heat to potty breaks only and do not leave your bulldog unattended.

2. Keep fresh cool water available at all times

3. Never leave your bulldog in a car even for a few minutes as temperatures can rise quickly.

4. If possible limit time outside to the cooler times of the day such as early morning and late evenings.

5. If BD appears lethargic and does not cool quickly do not hesitate to call your veterinarian.

Remember! If your Bulldog shows any of the signs above, immediately place them in a cool place in your home with a fan and use a cool wet towel to wet down their body.

Now that you know what to keep an eye out for go enjoy your summer!

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