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The health of our puppies is paramount to how we operate our kennel. We want your puppy to be a lifelong friend, which is why Elite Bulldog is proud to offer a 1-Year Health Guarantee on all puppies.

What is the Elite Bulldog 1-Year Health Guarantee?

We will replace your dog within three years of the dog’s date of birth should your dog die from hereditary or congenital issues. This is provided that:

  • Your puppy receives a health check within 72 hours after purchase.
  • Your dog is in good health and receives regular visits to the vet
  • Your dog’s shots are up-to-date
  • It is proven that the cause of death was hereditary

It is required that all owners agree to provide routine veterinarian care for their puppies, including proper vaccinations, routine worm checks, heart worm treatments, etc. Please retain all records of such care for future verification purposes. Elite Bulldog is not responsible for any such veterinarian fees or costs. 

Why is a Health Guarantee Important?

A Health Guarantee is important because it holds your breeder accountable for any congenital issues that may occur in your dog during the beginning years of its life. Most dog breeders will only offer a one-year health guarantee, if they offer one at all. Elite Bulldog, on the other hand, is committed to ethically and responsibly breeding dogs that have healthy, compatible parents. This not only reduces the likelihood of your puppy developing hereditary issues in the first place – but a health guarantee also ensures that should issues appear, Elite Bulldog will bear the responsibility for the death of your dog. A health guarantee protects you, the dog owner, and holds our kennel to a higher standard of quality and ethical breeding.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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