Summer of Puppies: New Puppies for Sale!

Summer of Puppies Elite Bulldog

It's been the summer of puppies here at the Elite Bulldog Kennel! We had a couple of new litters at the end of May, and we've spent the past couple of months watching them grow into the adorable bundles of love and energy they are today. It's a tough job but someone has to do it! Fun fact: puppies need at least eight weeks before they can leave their moms. It's during this time that they learn behaviors they simply can't learn from humans. The good news is that these puppies are ready to find their forever homes! Meet a few of the bunch:

Molly, Female English Bulldog

Molly Adorable English Bulldog Puppy for Sale

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Natalie, Female English Bulldog

Natalie English Bulldog Puppy for Sale

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Lenny, Male Mini Poodle

Lenny Mini Poodle Puppy for Sale

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Beatrice, Female English Bulldog

Beatrice English Bulldog Puppy Featured Image

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Caleb, Male English Bulldog

Caleb English Bulldog Puppy for Sale

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Tobias, Male English Bulldog

Tobias English Bulldog Puppy


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Aren't these little guys and gals the cutest? This is just a sampling of all the wonderful puppies we have available right this very second. Head over to our Available Puppies page to meet everyone! We know you'll meet your forever friend there.


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