What Is The Cutest Thing You’ve Ever Seen A Dog Do?

What is the cutest thing you've ever seen a dog do? originally appeared on Quora- the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Answer by Dhirgham Murran on Quora:

Bobby, my golden retriever. He saved me.

He is truly the smartest and very affectionate to everyone.

I usually take him to a huge natural park. He memorized all the trails in the park. There was high grass and tense trees and many slopes and wooden bridges. I park my car at the edge of the park and he jumps out of the car with excitement and always goes ahead of me knowing which large trail to take. One day, I left the car in the same place to take a walk in the park. But this time was odd.

He refused to go further ahead in the park. I tried to call him but he just sat and kept barking at me. So I said, if you don't follow I will keep walking ahead. I became about 200 yards away while hearing him barking. Then he dashed running towards me and bit the edge of my pants and furiously tried to pull my leg.

He was persistent not to let me take another step. I found it odd behavior, so I said “OK, you don't want to walk today. Let's go home then.” He immediately went back towards the car, but he stopped every 20 yards to see me if I was following or not. Eventually we drove away to the lake shore.

I thought he might have preferred to walk on the lake. Without hesitation, he happily jumped out of the car to walk taking the lead. We walked around the lake for about 2 km until reaching the beautiful hotel over there. Then, we came back home.

He didn't show any frustration and wasn't stubborn. I didn't understand his attitude in the park until the next morning. I was sitting in a coffee shop having coffee and reading the newspaper. In the front-page is a big photo of a black bear.

The article said that it was roaming in the same park where I was walking Bobby. The police said, there were no incidents, and already drugged him and took him in a helicopter ride to the remote mountains. So now, I knew why Bobby was stubborn to go ahead in the park.

I didn't see or hear any black bear.

I wasn't even aware of that until the next morning.