Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

Originally used as a working dog in the clothing mills of Yorkshire, England, the Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkies, for short) is now prized primarily for its long, glossy coat and dignified demeanor, which is why this breed was the perfect pet for 19th century high society. While considered a Toy, the pluckiness and spiritedness of a Terrier definitely shines in this good-natured breed!

Yorkies are great for any type of home and are adaptable to almost any kind of situation. They do, however, require a strong master who is willing to lay down the law and not let them become bossy!

  • Long, silky, glossy coat that’s parted down the middle from base of the skull down the back. Requires a great deal of maintenance.
  • Docked tail that rests slightly higher than the back.
  • Small, v-shaped ears.
  • Small, dark, twinkling eyes.

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